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Searching the load-path

Here’s another tip for taming your Emacs config. In particular, how to search the huge body of elisp that is present with most Emacs installs - the load-path. While the load-path is a very important collection of directories, searching it isn’t as easy and accessible as it should be. As usual, Emacs compensates with plugins:

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Spacemacs Useful Buffers Gotcha

I’ve ran into a little spacemacs annoyance that took me a while to resolve, and it seems like it could pop up under a variety of different contexts. I figured that a few words about it here might save others some time.

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Pretty Printing a Table in Emacs

Recently, I needed to output some relatively small tabular data in Emacs and message was starting to be a bit long in the tooth. Finally, I’ve decided to try my hand at upgrading the visuals for myself. I realize that there’s probably dozens of different ways of pretty-printing tables in Emacs, but I was already partial to the tabular output used by functions such as list-processes and plugins such as prodigy (Using org mode’s tables also comes to mind for example). So I’ve decided to recreate this experience for my own tables. The result has been convenient and aesthetically pleasing enough to share.

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